2014 RAM 1500 – Drive Rebuilders
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2014 RAM 1500

The pickup truck market is saturated. Has been for some time now. There is a truck (and an option) for nearly every person’s liking. The sheer number of options on pickup trucks is beyond amazing. I wonder how many of those options are actually used?

This 2014 RAM 1500 is a pure example of a great truck. RAM (formally known as Dodge) has been making trucks for decades and has no problem delivering an excellent product. With only 48,000 miles, this RAM 1500 is nicely equipped with 20″ alloy wheels, running boards, power mirrors, fog lights and painted-to-match bumpers. The tow package is very useful and the black exterior has been regularly washed, waxed and garaged.


Under the hood, this 2014 RAM 1500 is powered by the 5.7L HEMI V8. 395 hp and 407lb-ft torque. Even with all this power the truck still averages just over 20 mpg on the highway and nearly 16 mpg around town. Not too bad for such a brute. How is it done? The 8-speed transmission makes the RAM 1500 one of the most fuel efficient trucks on the market.

With all that power there is also an incredible ride feel. It drives smooth, handles acceleration with ease and keeps pace on the open road. Service intervals have been kept properly and this truck has nearly new tires on all four wheels. You’ll love the way it drives.


The interior is generous. Space to stretch out, space to carry six large men or space to nearly create an echo chamber. RAM added some nice comfort features to this model: Bluetooth, USB connectivity, power windows, power door locks and a center console that can easily contain your laptop. The back up camera is located in the rear view mirror and the cloth interior is free from stains or smells.

An interesting feature is the built-in coolers located in the floor behind the driver and passenger front seats. They work well for a short day of ice beverages (pick your favorite). I haven’t experimented with any food storage but my drinks stay cold for a full day on the road. Under seat storage is plentiful as the entire rear bench folds up for easy access.

This truck has been repaired from damage sustained to the left side. Repairs were completed by a competent, professional repair facility. The left fender and two doors were replaced. An independent mechanic and independent body shop have inspected the vehicle for potential issues and/or repair quality. Both found no reason to be concerned. This truck is pre-inspected for an extended warranty (if the buyer is interested in having a warranty). As always, I encourage inspections to any and all buyers, regardless of accident history or not. It is used but the accident history should not deter your confidence.

All features and functions on this RAM 1500 work as they should. The truck runs and drives without issue. The alignment is straight and the truck feels comfortable at any speed below 100 (further testing would be required 😇). The tires are nearly new (within 2000 miles) and regular maintenance items have been performed as often as suggested.

If you have additional questions, contact me via the site or on social media.

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