2016 RAM PROMASTER CITY – Drive Rebuilders
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It didn’t take long for me to understand how and why RAM began selling these low profile, Specialty Equipment vans in North America. My first contact with a ProMaster CITY was in 2017 when a good friend decided to convert his van for the purpose of camping. As it turns out, these vans are made to handle a myriad of tasks both fun and work related. A short time later I found myself shopping for a CITY van in the western United States.



My 2016 RAM ProMaster CITY comes with a 2.4-liter, 4 cylinder motor that generates 178 horsepower and 174 pound-feet of torque. Coupled with the nine-speed automatic transmission, this van is peppy fun to drive while averaging 29 mpg on the highway. I can do a little better than the posted 29 mpg on the highway with the cruise control and just below 23 mpg around town. I always smile when I drive this van. It keeps things lite and nimble – especially for a van with a 1900 pound payload capacity.


I have used it to commute, deliver flowers, move furniture, rescue stranded amigos, bike trips, overnight camping and moving hay. It also makes easy work of local dump runs. Mine is not equipped with the tow hitch but I wouldn’t doubt that the feature addition would be extremely friendly for all sorts of use.




The interior is simple. It comes with Bluetooth, back up camera, cruise control, automatic windows and door locks, and a switchblade key fob. The stereo is basic – probably built for the average delivery/errand runner but the USB auxiliary port is a very nice feature. The air conditioning is ice cold and cools very quickly, a huge plus in my desert world. The mirrors require manual adjustment as do the seats. Everything works as it should in this ProMaster City.




I bought the van in 2017 with some minor front end damage. It had been used as a maintenance vehicle for a national gas company. Originally titled in Montana, the insurance company provided a salvage title due to the damage. No airbags were deployed and the repair was limited to replacing the hood, front bumper cover and transmission cooler. The radiator was unfazed but I chose to replace it as well. Peace of mind for me and any other warm weather drivers.




The vehicle was repaired at a professional shop using OEM parts. Following repair, it was fully inspected and received the rebuilt title designation. The maintenance was kept up and I have made sure the van is in top mechanical condition. I have replaced the tires at 73,381 miles, changed the oil, and replaced the front brake pads at 72,710. The vehicle was aligned immediately following repairs, although there was no suspension damage repaired.


The van has been independently inspected but I encourage anyone to have the same done for themselves prior to purchase. This van is currently located in Southern Utah — 110 miles northeast of Las Vegas or 300 miles southwest of Salt Lake City, Utah. Delivery is available upon purchase. Please contact me for details.


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