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Buying a damaged vehicle can be an excellent experience. The modern vehicle is constructed with an average of 30,000 parts. All vehicles (new and used) will experience faults, fatigue and even failure. A small percentage are related to accidents but all can be replaced and or repaired. The big question is usually – Is the juice worth the squeeze?

Some accidents leave a vehicle incapacitated to the point of such significant expense that there is very little “hope” for restoration. The cost to replace modern parts has risen significantly in recent years and can be the cause for many to choose not to restore a vehicle. Insurance agencies use equations to determine the outcome of a damaged vehicle. When it is not financially responsible to restore a vehicle due to labor costs, parts costs, parts availability and access to professional repairmen, an insurance company will buy the vehicle in its damaged condition, render the title ‘salvage’ and resell the vehicle at a local or regional auction. This description of the process covers 95% of the scenarios for salvage vehicles. This is not always the cause for salvage nor the outcome.

At DRIVE Rebuilders our efforts focus on vehicles that offer value through sweat equity and savings. When a damaged vehicle is properly restored it can be used as an excellent form of transportation, usually at a cost savings.

There are many cases where salvage or “rebuilt” vehicles have problems. Our many years of experience suggest these problems stem from two areas – 1. an untrained or novice repairman and/or 2. the use of defective parts. When repairing a damaged vehicle be sure to consult and hire professional repairmen. The quality of your car’s repair depends on the quality of the repairman. In addition, replace the damaged parts. Some body panels can be repaired depending on the talent of your repairman. Most shouldn’t be repaired. They should be replaced. If the part is damaged, replace it. This will give you the strongest chance for a high quality, defect-free repaired vehicle.

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